Defending an Online Business Reputation

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Breaking Bad Reputations: How to Improve Your Online Business Reputation


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Within hours, an image can be soured through bad comments, negative feedback, and poor reviews. Many times, online consumers will file complaints and grievances in an open forum and make fraudulent allegations as a way to retaliate for bad customer service or simply to vent about your online business. This can be detrimental to businesses that have spent years cultivating their company brand and their good name, only to be torn apart in a few minutes after receiving one bad review.


A Business Reputation Market It Before You Have to Manage It!


Businesses often turn to social network online reputation management solutions to help. This is because many individuals turn to social networking sites before they ever make a major “purchase decision”. By using the social network as a positive tool, businesses can easily redirect the attention from negative comments, poor reviews and bad feedback to help enhance their company name as the first line of reputation defense.


Develop a Sounding Board


For the most part, a social media network site is nothing more than an open forum or sounding board. By developing a “support” forum, customers and clients can have an avenue where they can voice their concerns about the products and services the company provides. By taking a positive approach, the company can easily develop a way to provide “constructive feedback” and establish themselves as a business that is concerned about how their clients and customers feel about the products and services they provide.


importance of a good reputation in business


An effective way of defending an online business reputation is through the willingness to communicate closely with clients and customers. By actively participating in online forums, including Facebook, Twitter and others, the company can easily show that they are active at providing customer service even in times of intense negative comments and feedback.


Through the development of an online forum, the business can manage their company brand and reputation. This provides the opportunity to eliminate any defamation or unfair criticism outright.


As hard as any business may try, there is really nothing that can prevent negative reviews from being posted online. In fact, online consumers tend to say exactly what they feel. As a result, companies need to figure out a way to defend their online reputation using positive reviews that enhance the company brand. Many times this can help diffuse unruly situations the moment they arise.


Role of Social Media in Maintaining Business Reputation and Brands


A simple solution is to make specific direct inquiries to enthusiastic and loyal customers. By sending a short email, the company can ask the loyal customer if they would mind writing a few positive words about a product or service the company provides so it can be posted in promotional materials and/or on the company website.


In addition, it is important to work directly with a customer service team to handle every aspect of defending the company brand and reputation.



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