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Sales Leads For Tech Support

One thing that technology companies must deal with in addition to most B2B companies
overall is getting qualified sales leads for tech support. In a survey that was conducted in 2017 that consisted
of over 800 technology consultants, their number one challenge that they were facing in
the marketplace was finding enough high quality leads that would convert to customers.

Your business may have a marketing channel already in place where you are getting enough
inbound needs, but they may or may not be qualified. Does this sound like something that
your sales and marketing staff have to deal with on a day-to-day basis?


Hot Leads For Tech Support

How often are prospects leaving a valid email just to get your free lead item? Are they
answering any of the email follow-ups that you are sending out to them? While lead
nurturing is indeed important, you may also want to have phone qualification services at
the helm to speak with live prospects when they are actually interested in speaking with
you.  hot leads for tech support

These real-time phone leads can prove quite beneficial to your business since you are able to speak with a prospect directly and deal with any questions they may have.

Do they actually have a budget to afford your services? When are they actually ready to get a project started? You may not be able to get the tip of the iceberg of those questions answered when you are solely capturing an email on your lead capture page.

Also, prospects may not fill out your lead capture form if you have a hundred thousand
questions ask on the first date.

You may ask yourself: Would I give away all of this information so that I can be handed
incessantly? LOL


Inbound Tech Support Leads

If you are not incorporating Live phone leads as an integral part of your marketing mix,
you may want to Outsource your business prospecting services to a local expert like Agile
Marketing Solutions.

As your Marketing Solutions works with local companies that need business in their
backyard in addition to working with larger corporations that run national campaigns.  inbound tech support leads

We have a vast level of knowledge and experience and providing targeted customers in real-time that are interested in your services and products that you have to offer.

The staff at Agile Marketing Solutions are trained in both sales and prospecting and we can work with you to tailor a specific company message to meet your goals.

There have been countless examples of working with other businesses in the past where we
have seen an expectation of making $1000000 by running one ad.

Does one-size-fits-all anywhere else in the world? One ad to the masses may not cut it
either or there will be a lot of filtering of prospects in the process.

This way you will have real-time customers calling to answer any of the technical issues
that they may have and you can go back to focusing on growing your business and handling
support issues in a seamless fashion.


Need Tech Support Leads?

When a prospect is open to buying your products and services after they have done enough
diligent research, we find that the savviest customers are the ones that like to speak
with a professional on the phone so that they can check out specifications to your
technical support issues in real time.  Sales Leads For Tech Support

Once they know that they are speaking to a live person on the other end, they are more than likely more comfortable and better informed and will not have buyer's remorse.

If you are looking for a company in the United States to provide live telephone leads for your technical support services that deal with computer issues, hardware or anything else technologically related, please give us a call at 404-939-5631 to speak with a live representative to get you started!

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