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Power Leads Pro X – How to Buy Power Leads Pro Suite Software

Have you seen Matt Iannotti's new PowerLeadsProX Videos and incredible give-away yet?


Matt has put together a powerful 3 part series of videos explaining the REAL way to
automate and simplify the gathering of traffic and leads online, and it's 100% gratis.


He's also giving out a couple of VERY valuable gifts just for taking a look-
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The Second Video in the series (along with the first freebie 😉 comes out TODAY at
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You may have missed the first, but never fear- you didn't miss anything critical
yet, and you can watch it later anyways-



But you DON'T want to miss numbers 2 and 3 OR the *Sweet* give-aways that go along
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Matt's not only giving away valuable information, but a silly good package of *free*
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Take Action, Fellow Business Owner... It's not very often that the "Real Deal" comes
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To Your Success!






About Power Leads Pro:



  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Recruiting
  • Corporate Sourcing
  • Venture Capital
  • ANYONE that depends on fresh information!


That said, in order for the Internet to truly help you, we must be able to easily identify, aggregate, review and take action on what you discover.

Since their inception in 2010, Power Leads Pro has focused on delivering innovative software solutions and services to empower business professionals to “Leverage the Internet” as a real-time source of contact, company and business intelligence.

With an excess of 7,000 users across 19 countries, Power Leads Pro has emerged as the leader in helping business professionals easily generate leads and business intelligence, source talent, power marketing campaigns and drive revenue.

The future is brighter than ever at Power Leads Pro. Several core applications have been developed for the SaaS and mobile platforms. Learn more today about Power Leads Pro for CRM and the award-winning Power Leads Pro platform. Power Leads Pro is also available and distributed through strategic integration partnerships with leading Applicant Tracking partners.

Power Leads Pro is a privately held, self-funded and profitable company operating out of New York City.

Video Transcript

hey everyone thanks for attending today's live webinar for power elites pro and my name is Matthew init and I'm gonna be shown you this super powerful secret software that can allow you to find unlimited business leads today now if you're looking for business to business leads it's very simple to get started with the software we can simply type in a vertical here and let's say we want to target dentists and let's say we want to target dentist in a specific city I'm gonna choose New York and them a quick search and just like that we have a bunch a different dental leads that we can now contact now I'm gonna go ahead and its top am already up to thirty leads so the different types of data we get preach lead include their office hours the category that this business is listed in the business name the full address phone number then we also get contact emails for the business as well as additional phone numbers: website URL the number reviews the average rating: for the business and this is their Google reviews by the way the number of photos they have on their goodwill Plus page as well as longitude and latitude and then we have some other data columns that didn't get filled in now to get these other columns tilden such as contact name email we're just gonna go and minute highlight a few different needs here am i click on gather additional business info and with the software is now going to do is go out on the web and try to find a decision maker's name email and phone number for this business more for the businesses we just highlighted alright and it's done so we go in look at the businesses we just highlighted now we have contact names and their titles for these individual businesses we just selected your as well as chris beury's had their emails and in addition to that we also get the number of employees is business have their years in business the annual revenue this sick and any SIC codes and the location type it's a single location to headquarters so we get all these different data that we could use now and contact its business with and this type a better we can use to filter out which one do you wanna contact so for example if we're only looking to contact mom businesses that have a certain annual revenue we're able to do that now so it's a we only want to contact businesses that make between 500,000 and a million per year or just under a million per year now we can do that or if we want to focus on businesses that only make are a million dollars plus a year we can now do that as well with the data we get from the software so be one of bill to these results we can easily come and click on one of these calmed and select which ones we wanna keep and which ones we don't wanna keep now if you wanna take these leads an import them into your own auto dialer for a CRM system you can easily do that by just right clicking selecting these leads right clicking and and then you can export these leads on to a csv or an excel file so they can easily be imported into your favorite CRM or applicant tracking system now that's just one up that many different plugins that are available for the power leads pro platform another very popular plugin is the Craigslist plugin and this will allow is to find buyers with their credit cards in hand for products and services that you may be offering so for example if we were selling iPhones and we want to find all the different people that we're looking to buy an iPhone you can simply select our category and locations Muslim all US cities my select the last seven days and click search if you want do you more customized filtering we could easily put in the price minimum in the price maximum now we already have over 100 different needs I'm gonna go ahead and its top so now what we can do is we can highlight all these different leads or select the ones that want to send an email to and we can send out a customized email right from the software to all these different leads and you can send out an email are even to the Leeds we found in the prior plugin if we wanted to do mailing to business to business we can do that right from the software we can just come into Creek email staff here and we could I and two in in makin our own and we can enter in are fully HTML format a plea E mail or we can use to what you see what you get editor you can highlight the text with in the email itself you can insert images links you can copy and paste from word even has spellcheck change fonts are in this system even track sure open rates and link clicks so we can email all the different leads the software confined right from the software itself pretty powerful stuff so whether you are you looking for business to business leads or if you're looking for buyers that have their credit cards in hand ready to spend money in your products and services this software can cover all love your different needs now won the most popular plugins the software has is the LinkedIn plugin in with the link can plug in were able to top Kat target different members on LinkedIn and send them a personalized message now I'm just gonna pull up all my different group contacts year and he's our members in the a group that I belong to then I'm just gonna go ahead and hit stop and we already have almost a hundred members loaded in and then what we can do next is we can rather select them all for select individual members that we want to send E message to project mall check the message I wanna sent and we can create a message here in this panel and we could use the token called username to display their the members first name so when you do send a message out your message looks highly personalized like you actually took the time to write the message now you can't argue any different member you 1 I'll LinkedIn with this software provided you are in the same group with them now you can also reply to I your LinkedIn inbox messages right from the software as well and the great thing about using LinkedIn is it's a hundred percent develop deliverability messages don't go to the spam folders dingell right to their LinkedIn Inbox just as you can see you now I want pie to any these messages we can come over and type in the subject line the body to a message here and then we can click on reply now we can also do many other things with the software but I I'm sure that from dis a small a demo so far you have a solid understanding up what the software can do now to answer a few questions that we've been getting in over the past couple minutes you do get two licenses with your purchase so what does that mean it means that when you do purchase you can install the software on two different computers are with your license if you wanna purchased additional license you can do that it within the members area and com everything you can and everything else you need I if you wanna and on you can also do that within the members area now going to a couple questions year and we have a another question from Michael out in California me he's asking if is there any limit to how much data we can get so in other words he's asking does are the software limit amount love data we can export per day or per month I like many other companies like hoover's does an answer is no you can %ah search find extract and export as many records in businesses as you please there is no limit damage data you can export at any given time now sis be recovered the plugin over here Google Maps love other plugins get data to from various different sources the differences this software can not only just get the data provided the source you can append in get additional data from these businesses such as decision-makers names annual revenue additional email addresses and phone numbers and how many employees they have years in business and all that good stuff now if you do SEO let's say for example that you wanted to get additional data for these businesses here really worked within got awesome contact names for and you want to get even more data now we can you some called analyze domains and what's gonna happen now is all these different comp so the right we're gonna populate with data and you going to be able to see all the different website errors these businesses have so what does that mean website heirs if your web designer and you're looking to offer web design services or to do our WordPress themes and you wanna sell those two businesses a good foot in the door say hey listen this is how many website errors your website is reporting and this is bad for SEO and it's bad for their customers because perhaps arm some the different text is at a place on their website or doesn't show properly on and different browsers that customers may use I in addition to that we go so get the domain creation date YouTube mentions Alexis traffic rank election reputation links indexed in Google links this site from Google title tags medic keywords and description if they have an XML site map their Facebook profiles Facebook index Twitter indexed LinkedIn profile if their mobile site ready backlinks as well as SEO mas data such as their page it already and domain authority so you get a tremendous amount of data you're able to present to a business beforehand to use has a foot in the door so little cranky done a lot a different research and you can also uses data to narrow down the businesses that you wanna contact now let's say for example you did replication management now its reputation management your obvious you want to focus on the businesses that have a lower average rating: so for example this business year has an average rating a 3.3 that's a business you wanna contact more business 1.9 these are people that have terrible online reputation and a lot of bad reviews and reputation management you think the XOR ready to go hot leads waiting to be helped now into in addition to that weary win over creating different emails for a business as I was saying you can use are HTML and text so we wanted to use tokens for business name war City or any other different data fields we can simply just select the token we want to use and drop it into the email now what happens is when we send out an email to all these different businesses it's going to replace that talking with the real data so for example if we sent the email to these two companies appear and we used it open for business name its gonna display premiered Dental Associates a lower Manhattan for the first business and New York City Dental Associates soho for the second business right with a token is so again you can highly personalized these emails with the use of tokens or they're called variables now I hope you guys enjoyed this presentation today now couple more questions next question comes from Michael in UK and he's asking if the software works on a Mac the software it does work on a Mac as long has you have parallels or a virtual machine a VirtualBox installed the software is originally designed I need to run Windows but it can run on a Mac with Parallels war virtual ship's machine installed another question is it possible to do postal marketing using your software an answer is yes you can also export all these different businesses right to print labels UK soon we export these businesses the printing labels all you have to do is load up the Avery address label paper into your printer select print labels and in all these business is a business name in full address will be printed onto each one and you can slap it on your marking material could be a postcard could be nimble could be any one of those things when I think everybody for attending today even know it was a pretty sure women are we know that your time is important and we feel that this is enough to give an overall idea of what the software are how it can be invaluable asset to your business so you can order right now right below this window and click Add to Cart and we're offering the fall Enterprise Edition that we normally sell for $29.97 you can purchase it right now for name 97 and this offer is going to expire at midnight tonight so don't delay click the Add to Cart button make the purchase now and just in a few minutes afterwards you gonna be able to star extracting targeted leads for your business you have any questions please feel free to use the summit message box you see down below and I'll be sure to get back to you as quickly as I can after this event over with a C you can take advantage love this special offer again you're going to get the full enterprise package that we sell for $29.97 for 997 only that's a savings up to 60s 6.6 percent cats two thousand dollars of archtop package so take advantage now talk to you guys soon

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