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Integrated Marketing Agency https www newwebsitemarketing com O 404 939 5631 Every company has ideas about how exactly they ought to be positioned and perceived in the marketplace both online and offline At Agile Marketing Solutions we work exclusively with small to medium sized companies to generate every link of communication inside the distribution chain both strong and impactful When that occurs companies thrive employees benefit lives are enhanced In the last couple of years the advertising world has changed dramatically This represents a tremendous opportunity for a brand new form of creativity one out of which the lines between media messaging and audience blur or even disappear While the consumer side was to take up the process today we re doing really exciting work in B2B marketing helping lead the migration to a more authentic outcome of provider and community It s truly gratifying to find out our clients recognize the value of our integrated marketing programs as well as the solid results they achieve In one of our more challenging endeavors we took on the client that needed a complete overhaul of their old site having an addition to live streaming television and monthly scheduling In some of the newer markets where global media spends were typically less our client needed to use search engine marketing as a possible initial touch point for people who may possibly not have considered vacationing in the exotic locations around the world A unique strategy and implementation plan were essential for each web property Industry expertise joined with unique data be sure that your brand exists when consumers are doing a search online They needed to acquire clients and influence repeat purchases with paid search and product listing ads Transparency into integrated marketing insights we can continually refine your search marketing strategy for optimal performance We re obsessed with our marketing work and our clients results We learn through play and exploration from the other from my clients and from experience and our discoveries permit us to invent and grow We respectfully and actively listen soliciting feedback exchanging ideas and advocating for sound communications principles inside the work we create We take account of the other person s talents have some fun and support and encourage each other Our teamwork keeps us energized and strong which drives successful marketing outcomes We are paid exclusively on results No commissions for the way much traditional or digital media you purchase No one time fee salary like retainers where we re guaranteed pay regardless of how much you re selling We create and provide the very best advertising possible because as you our success depends on it We know that is required over brands telling their stories through their very own eyes to create awareness and customer loyalty Consumers check out their families friends and influential experts they passion for perspective on brands over any other form of communications or advertising when generating a brand name choice Leveraging these touchpoints takes creativity planning management skills and technology When was the last time your brand got a placement in the leading industry publication If it has been a while you might like to consider shaking things up a bit to increase and enhance your present online strategy After all media coverage is the central element of nearly every advertising campaign Getting your name in the news can increase brand awareness and in many cases deliver qualified leads to profits team Don t however make the mistake of settling for just any media coverage Securing a placement in a very mainstream publication such as The New York Times goes quite a distance toward increasing brand awareness and targeting individuals who value your products and services An agency such as ours might help compliment such coverage with placements in industry publications your customers can keep a close eye on Agile Marketing Solutions 2905 East Point Street Suite 91784 Atlanta Georgia 30344 hdavis newwebsitemarketing com https www newwebsitemarketing com O 404 939 5631 C 404 839 3751

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